Welcome to the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics

The Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics was founded in 1960 and comprises a staff of about 150 persons from whom 45 are of Doctoral or Professoral level. IRPhE is a R&D arm of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences engaged in the fields of radio engineering, automatic control, theoretical physics, solid state physics, semiconductors and superconductivity.

Main areas of R&D activity include

  • microwave transmitter and receiver systems for the study of the Earth and atmosphere
  • radar systems
  • communication systems
  • dynamic control of physical parameters in semiconductor technological processes
  • development of new class hetero- and nano- structure based solar energy converters

The Institute has an area of about 200 acres where research laboratories are located (totaling about 13.000 sq meters), plus about 10.000 sq m assigned to design, development and production. Institute has also two 7m E2-class and one 12m B-class full-rotatable antennas.