Hakhoumian Arsen



Name:             Arsen A. Hakhoumian

Born:              6 May 1950, Stepanakert (Armenia)

Education:       M.S.Diploma (Radiophysics), Physics Department, Yerevan  State  University 1968-1973

Qualification:              Ph.D. in Quantum Radiophysics 1983

                                     Doct.Sci. in Radiophysics 2014

Honours:        State Prize of Armenia (1988)

Place of work:             Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, Armenian National  Ac.Sci., Ashtarak, 0203, Armenia, E-mail: arsen@irphe.am

Experience:     2006 -                         Director, IRPhE

2004-2007       Head of Microwaves and Telecommunication Chair, Yerevan State University

1985-              Laboratory Manager, IRPhE, Ashtarak, Armenia

                        1978-1985      Head of Research Group

1973-1978      Junior Scientist          

Lecturing:       Low-Noise Microwave Amplifiers (1984-1997);

                        Satellite Communications (1994 - till now);

                        State Engineering University of Armenia

                        Radiometers and Radioastrophysics (1999 - till now)

                        Modern Communication Systems (1999 – till now)

                        Yerevan State University

International  1993    Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

activities:         1994    Tsukuba University, Japan

1994    Institute of Computer & Communication Systems Technical University of Athens

                        1995    Institute of Computer & Communication Systems

                                   Technical University of Athens

Areas of Research:      Low-noise  receivers, microwave radio-links, telecommunication systems, high temperature superconductivity.

Publications:               Over 60 publications.

E-mail:                       arsen@irphe.am

Phone:                                    +374 10 287850

Fax:                            +374 232 33770